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The Cystinosis Medical Exchange is a program created to help parents and/or patients get their questions about cystinosis answered by the "experts". Our Cystinosis Medical Exchange Panel is made up of physicians and medical professionals from the United States and around the world. Since people often have similar questions or concerns, we've decided to post these questions and answers on the web.

If you have a question about cystinosis and/or your (child's) health, contact us. We will forward the question to the appropriate medical professional. When we receive the answer, we'll pass it on to you (either by phone, fax, email or regular mail) and then we'll post it on the web for others to learn (names and personal details will be omitted for privacy and confidentiality).

Please fill out the form below and include your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Patients Name, and the Patients Date of Birth. If you request we will contact you with an answer by Email or by Phone.








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