Deanna Lynn Potts Scholarship

Deanna Lynn Potts was born with Cystinosis and lived to be 27 years old. Before she died, she discussed her wishes to start a scholarship fund for children with Cystinosis.


We know how devastating a chronic illness can have on a family emotionally, physically, socially, and financially. Children with Cystinosis are living longer, thanks to medical science and therefore, embarking on careers.


These careers require education. Education is expensive, yet something we do not want to deprive our children of in our world today. Due to the financially draining medical costs, it might prove difficult to send a child to college.


Through this fund, we hope to help some of those students.


PURPOSE: To provide supplemental financial assistance to an undergraduate student diagnosed with Cystinosis enrolled in an accredited collegiate or vocational program.


SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: A $1000 scholarship awarded annually. The award is contingent upon the winners acceptance to an accredited college, university, or vocational program and will be payable to the education institution to be applied to tuition, room and board.


ELIGIBILITY: Each candidate must be a current high school senior, who has Cystinosis and have a financial need.



  1. Documentation/verification of Cystinosis (e.g. letter from physician.)
  2. An official copy of high school transcript.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from current teachers/faculty members and/or counselors regarding applicant's scholastic aptitude and personal qualifications.
  4. An essay of 500 words. We want to know a person who has played a vital role in student's life. How? Why? The essay should be typewritten and double spaced


JUDGING CRITERIA: The essay will earn a possible 40 points and will be judged on the basis of rationale, grammar and comprehension. Transcripts and letters of recommendation will carry a possible additional 20 points. The Cystinosis Foundation Board will establish an independent judging panel to evaluate and rate the applicants. The decision of the judges is final. Finalists may be interviewed before selection is made.


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Application and all accompanying documents must be received at the Cystinosis Foundation Office in a single, flat package by August 15th of each year. You can call the Cystinosis Foundation for an application 888-631-1588 or you may open it by Clicking on the link below, Print the Application and mail it to the Cystinosis Foundation.


Remember, the deadline for receiving applications is August 15th of each year.






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